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Vox Populi Print Collective



Vox Populi Print Collective


Introducing Vox Populi Print Collective, a printmaking guild co-founded by Barry Roal Carlsen and Peter Hopkins.Vox Populi will seek to elevate, celebrate, and promote fine art printmaking in the US and abroad. Participating guild members will creat, curate, and fund exhibitions

The Vox Populi Print Collective was founded in early 2017 by artists Barry Roal Carlsen and Peter Hopkins as a modern-day printmaking guild. The goal is not only to showcase printmakers, but to re-imagine printmaking as both a special and unique craft, providing a model for a new and perfectly timed voice for low-cost, low-risk group art making. The edition and the ease of transporting prints makes this all possible

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Represented Artists


Represented Artists



1975 Masters of Fine Art, Theatre: Directing, Boston University School of Fine Arts;
1972 Bachelor of Arts, English, Stanford University


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“One day I began scanning everything–shoes, flowers, food, dolls and other toys. It was a time when I was hungry to see details. I used my desktop scanner to photograph directly into Photoshop. I loved the immediacy, but I really loved what the scanner technology does.

Scanners are designed to illuminate anything that touches the platen, usually a piece of paper. But the light doesn’t have to travel past the surface of the platen so it falls off very quickly, so quickly that you don’t have to cover an object or pull the shades to get a black background. The light as it hits the platen is so strong that you can see through flower petals. The resolution is what you make of it: you can capture an object the size of your thumb and print an image of it as large as your head. In the case of the peaches, you can see the prints of raindrops in the dust on the peach fuzz…”




Artist and Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison;

Studied at Texas Tech University

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John Hitchcock uses the print medium with its long history of social and political commentary to explore relationships of community, land, and culture. Hitchcock’s works on paper and multimedia installation consists of prints and moving image that mediate the trauma of war and the fragility of life. Images of U.S. military weaponry are combined with mythological hybrid creatures from the Wichita Mountains of western Oklahoma to explore notions of assimilation and control




MA & MFA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison;

BA & BFA from the University of Mary- Hardin Baylor, Texas;

Assistant Professor of Art at Florida Atlantic University in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida

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Joseph Velasquez is a Chicano artist and the co-founder of Drive By Press and a Professor of Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Joseph was born in Texas to a poet, troubadour and a dreamer, his father, Jody Velasquez. At the age of 5 his mother was no longer in his life so he and his fathered travelled the Southwest! All in all, Joseph attended over 22 public schools before graduating High School. The constant new kid was heavily influenced by this experience and lifestyle of constantly moving.

Joseph draws upon much of the graphic influence he experienced growing up in San Fernando, CA, El Paso, TX and Austin, TX. The murals, graffiti tags, placasos and tinta resonate in his use of color and composition. He has been published by Cannonball Press, Brooklyn, New York, and has exhibited nationally and internationally including the 54th La Biennale di Venezia, Venice Italy, as well as all over the US. In addition to juried exhibitions and professional portfolio exchanges, Velasquez has served as curator of exhibitions at the Sling Shot Gallery, Madison, WI. He is both the co-founder of the Dirty Printmakers of America and the co-founder of Drive By Press, a mobile print studio and print exhibition that has served more than 200 Universities over the last eight years




2007 – 2011, California College of The Arts - San Francisco, CA;

2015 – Current, University of Wisconsin Madison - Madison, WI

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Michele Marti is a sculptural furniture maker born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From a young age Marti was exposed to a multitude of cultures and art that expressed the value of the human body; pieces that captured the subtleties of a dimple or curve, the beauty evoked by touch or the incredible way, as Marti says, “we hold ourselves in reaction to the external world. Every reaction of the body and each interaction, tells a powerful story;” finding ways to capture these stories is what drives Marti’s practice and research.

In 2013 Marti was awarded a research travel grant from the Australian National University Research school of Humanities where she was given the opportunity to teach woodworking at an undergraduate level and extended education, also given time to create a new body of work which was shown in Canberra, Sydney Australia as well as the United States. 




1992, BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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Currently residing in rural southwest Wisconsin, Paul inhabits a 1895 church that serves as home and studio. Aside from artistic projects, he is also involved with editing and proofreading Southern author William Gay's posthumous literary archive, as well as the journal works of author J.M. White.

"Within my work the formalities of anatomical exploration and the reliquary effigy are both used to appose themes of illness and growth, beauty and decay, dream and time. The historical references are altered to explore the diminishing physicality, anatomized nature of man as well as the more illusory. While the forms that inspire me were created to give answers, I find that they are also a language to explore questions of flesh and divinity."




1983, MFA, University of Wisconsin-Madison;

1980, BFA, University of Nebraska-Omaha 


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“I was recently invited to visit Norway. It was my first visit to the country I claim as my heritage. I have used it over my life to shape my identity. Being adopted has always left me with a lot of questions about how the self is formed. My adopted parents and family have shaped the person I have become. My personal narrative is totally created by the people I’m connected with by fortunate chance. In visiting Norway, I hoped to better understand those connections through experiencing the place where my father’s family came from, an adopted history in an adopted land.

In a broader sense, I want to convey the physical and psychological impact the landscape has in shaping people. A sense of place is powerful; it can express the feelings of belonging, separation, distance, and loss. Can the landscape be the physical embodiment of an idea or concept, a personification? I believe so.

Landscape as avatar.”

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Past Exhibitions


Past Exhibitions

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November 10th to November 26th, 2017

ArtHelix Gallery, 289 Meserole Street,
New York , NY 11206, USA

Opening Reception: Friday, November 10th, 6 PM – 9 PM

SHIM is pleased to announce RESPONSE, the inaugural exhibition from Vox Populi Print Collective. The artists in RESPONSE utilize a range of print media to express their views on the political climate of our time. Vox Populi Print Collective is a newly formed artist guild created to honor and promote printmaking as fine art. Joining the guild provides connectivity and offers future exhibition opportunities for the member artists.

Vox Populi is not restricted to printmakers—but only prints will be exhibited. All original printmaking techniques are welcome.**

** Prints produced exclusively by the use of ink jet or laser printers are not allowed. All prints must be original and not reproductions of pre-existing artwork by the artist.